Florida Winter Tour parking at OKC

Florida Winter Tour 2015 Parking at Orlando Kart Center

Parking reservation will be open on Monday 26th 2015

All teams and drivers wanting to reserve a parking spot for the Florida Winter Tour

  1. The price for a 15’ x 40’ parking spot is    150.00   dollars
  2. The price for a 15’ x 30’ parking spot is    112.50   dollars
  3. The price for a 15’ x 20’ parking spot is    75.00   dollars
  4. All parking spots are 15 foot wide.
  5. Please look at the map closely and make sure you can open your doors or park your trailer the way you imagine.
  6. E-mail to jessica@orlandokartcenter.com with the desired size.
  7. Please include location on the Map you would like to be in.
  8. Jessica will respond with the spots available and pricing.
  9. All spots should be pre-paid before you arrive to facilitate in parking.
  10. No parking will be done at night.
  11. No personal vehicles will be allowed inside parking area
  12. A separate parking lot for cars will be available at no charge