Amateur Registration                          PRO (Speedy) Registration

                         $ 480.00                                                       $ 600.00

Can also register by phone or email

2016 Endurance Series

(Rescheduled)Sunday January 10th-  4 hours

Sunday April 3rd –  5 hours

Sunday August 7th  –  4 hours

Sunday December 4th – T.B.A


April 3rd Race Schedule:

Check in: 11:30 am

Drivers meeting: 12:30 pm 

 Practice: 1:30 pm – 2:00 pm

Races starts: 3:00 pm

Race ends: 8:00 pm

Endurance Races

Online Registration

2 to 5 drivers per team

Driver’s meeting

Le Mans style start 

Awards are given to each driver on the top 3 finishing teams of each class.

Equally Prepared Karts

In preparation for the race, each kart is thoroughly checked.  All the engines and karts are equalized.

Pit Stops

Teams plan their own pit-stops.  Fueling is performed by our crew.  Good racing strategy will impact your finishing position as these races are very close.  Even in the long races, teams will often finish on the same lap.

Amateur class: has to change drivers each stop.

Live Timing & Scoring

Each kart is equipped with a transponder.  Throughout the race, you will have access to it at our home page. This will allow you and your drivers to monitor the progress of your team and compare lap times, among yourselves and the competition.

Competitive Classes

All teams will be racing simultaneously and within classes. All karts are prepared equally, regardless of class.

PRO:  Karts are assigned by a blind draw prior to first session on track.

AMATEUR: Will change kart every pit stop.


Mandatory  racing suit and gloves or long pants, long sleeve, close shoes and gloves.

Can bring own helmet, or can use one of ours

PRO:  mechanic tools




Experienced driving teams. Will take care of the kart and it’s fully responsible for any damage caused to it.



5ft. tall, OKC will be responsible for the kart.

For more information contact us at

ENDURANCE RACE DEC. 6th 3 hours Results: